I heard she was seldom seen as pretty
So wrapped up in shadows that, she was rarely seen at all
Frankly the rumours don’t convince me
But a moment, someone could survive such a fall

And I heard
A stammered “Easy does it”
And the creak of a musket
In the dark
And I heard
An elephant exit
The room as he left with-
Out his heart

I heard that he was seldom given regard
As anything more than what he already was
Just a flirt, stifled by a sweetheart
A wandering soul, within the bonds of trust


from i dreamt of you last tuesday: the oxford boys sing allison stewart, released August 20, 2012
lyrics: Alison Stewart
music: Chuck Zak


all rights reserved



Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys Magnolia, New Jersey

ludicrous, but well-crafted, pop songs.

please read the lyrics.

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