but whatever

from tío malo by Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys



who holds the keys to my soul
when it's been gone so long
but whatever

who holds the keys to my heart
when it's been wrong so long
so whatever I feel
might make sense to a broken wheel
in the unreal
there's something other here

who can you believe
when even you were ready to buy two
but whatever

who was overseas
man it wasn't me, but when my ship comes in
then whatever I steal
will stay under lock and key for real
it's a new deal
where what matters is revealed

to whoever leaves, you left too soon
there were ten more tunes
but whatever

when they felled the tree
from where it grew, I thought am I next too?
so whenever my heel
turns to a point upon the wheel
and the bells peal
Then I'm first across the field


from tío malo, track released July 2, 2021


all rights reserved



Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys Magnolia, New Jersey

ludicrous, but well-crafted, pop songs.

please read the lyrics.

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