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guy with tits

by Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys



we went away for days
to see a new sun melt sapphire
into the weave of the waves
where some of that sun stood still

my edge was ablaze
everything else was a red wire
breast still harboring malaise
from under a spongy fill

[you gotta get yourself together]
[get the squishy little bits in a mass]
[whoever betrays you, does only to save you]
[a guy with tits shouldn't ask]

so I lay out in the rays
while seabirds abscond with the French fries
all the beauty of the day
couldn't arouse my soul

bent across the chaise
I catch my reflection in your eyes
now I know the many ways
it's all gone out of control

[you gotta get yourself together]
[knot your tie and run a comb thru your hair]
[whoever rejects you just wants to protect you]
[a guy with tits shouldn't care]


released July 24, 2017


all rights reserved



Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys Cherry Hill, New Jersey

neo-prog-merseybeat, or margaritaprog if you must.

a sessile dave dudley, essentially.

music and lyrics by Chuck Zak, except where noted.

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