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snipe trax 2 (grundy runoff)

by Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys



Bunch of benchwarmer tunes from back in the day.


released October 28, 2016

Chuck Zak


all rights reserved



Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys Magnolia, New Jersey

laurel canyon via south jersey.

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Track Name: morgantown volcano
there's a mountain where it doesn't belong
in another world where right is wrong
and the only news is a raging kong
on morgantown volcano

well it seems the curse of emptiness
is not unique to this address
and it don't hurt any less
on morgantown volcano

expect the unexpected
wherever you reside
you may think you're protected
and god is on your side
but then you wake up in the morning
somewhere you don't know
and you watch the raging fires
on morgantown volcano
Track Name: neighbor, please
we were two new faces on the block
and we were waiting for those animals to come to us
they can't play guitar
so they stab at my car in the night
while I doze
and sigh a love song
to their wives

maybe I just thought I heard you say
what you used to do to keep a howling wolf away
you'd stay out of sight
then surround them at night
with the fire
is that why the rent keeps
creeping up higher

neighbor, please neighbor, please
it's easy
we can play or we can stay apart
but if you see me and I seem to be sleeping
just walk away
I'm in a state
some kinda Idaho

neighbor i've come to bring you terrible news
we both cannot win and we both cannot lose
the ties that have bound us by now
they fall down to the ground
and our snouts press
and the outcome's now
Track Name: caregiver
actually, it's over
okay but can you repeat that again
actually, the end
I didn't want this to be the end

I didn't want this to be the end
I was lost when I saw the bend in the river
if yr compassion fatigue permits
could you help so they don't forget
the caregiver

actually, it's over
okay but really it's not over, right
actually, it might
I didn't want this to end tonight

I didn't want this to end tonight
but the later we wait for light it grows dimmer
if yr compassion fatigue allows
could you smile when they ask about
the caregiver

I didn't want this to be the end
I'm alone and I can't pretend to be with her
and from a shore on another coast
I will try to becalm the ghost of
the caregiver
Track Name: come pescado
Mi abuello come pescado [My grandfather eats fish]
Cuantos anos tiene? [How old is he?]
Ciento y uno anos [101]
Cuando visitas? [When do you visit?]
Visito por tres horas a semana [I visit for 3 hours a week]
Que haceis? [What do you do?]
Miramos la television en la salon. [We watch tv in the living room]
Tu es bueno nieta. [You are a good grandson]
Y somos mis amigos. [And you are my friends]
Somos no. [We are not]
Track Name: happpy
finally, my appetite has overwhelmed my inhibition
and I can say goodnight to pain, doubt, fear
and superstition

If I had met you way back then
with all I know about you know
well maybe we could tell a friend
before I met you I was out of mind
Track Name: something odd
oh god i'm only getting older now
the sweet surreal years
are they over now?
can i live without something odd about?

what are these images in my memory
i can't pin them down
or guarantee
they belong to me
who could that face be?

and it's real to me
as real as something should be
out in light of day
better to be suspended in space
miles away