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snipe trax

by Chuck Zak

frizzle and fire like some alien dope war are you my desire? what that would depend are you more than the friend i had hoped for under a double sun you tell me i'm not the one but i'm the only one around high in the air over our headgear they razor and tear all for the war they can't help but ignore that we're down here
what comes next you think too much about it and maybe that's why we can't agree whether whatever comes next was meant to be what she says can never be kept in cages can never be more than impurely free what if whatever she says wasn't meant for me? what comes next (what if whatever she says wasn't meant for me? )
it was a strange beginning to a day I expected to be strange to begin with, it began with a broken mirror I didn't hear her when she said "something is bound to change" it was a strange beginning an uncommon hour for a cloud or a flower for the rage to overpower the restraint it was a new beginning and we approved until we found out what was new to begin with, we were older than every captain what just happened is this the same bargain we agreed to? it was a new beginning a fresh coat of snow over all the old roads where they wait for the first steps we take
off the wall 01:57
is she off the wall are you complaining is she hard to see when you fall your lives are unbearable it's entertaining can you breathe at all are you off the list or at the bottom on the business end of the bill I remember how the Rooster ran they never got him
the world outside is changing and I don't want to be left behind when it does for a second time and all we have to guard against is redundancy of experience and then we should be fine the world outside is colder now and it won't coddle innocence if it don't learn some common sense the urge to fight, the urge to join are two different sides of the same coin still sitting on this fence and I would like to take you far away from all we ever see and I'll be kind if the world will let me be maybe not, maybe so but they say tomorrow never knows I think we should go
there's a choice to make I'm no fan of choosing either road you take is wrong if my will should break there's no point refusing now that all will is gone when I see you I throw the contest lies you've seen through now the answer is yes the answer (more or less) faking every word every bland emotion until all the words are gone
What are you hiding? Are you ashamed of your victory? Numbers on pages But somehow you know what they really mean They mean that you’re fighting Another man’s war in defense of The money and the messiah That he loves Here’s to the future God only knows what tomorrow brings Look in the mirror Tell yourself it was worth everything Even though you’ve been fighting Another man’s war in defense of The money and the messiah That he loves
more dark 02:32
More than more money More than more cash I want the lights up and down the road To go off with a flash There should be more dark So I can’t see the hands reaching out for my head And I can’t see the fingers that pluck at my eyes Only the sky Clothes soaked in neon Smash out the glass Sure you can stay But stay out of the way and don’t’ strike a match There should be more dark When people say I must be high They miss the point completely They got the sun in their eyes Next time you see me Poorly concealed Keep this in mind, I don’t wanna be blind I want things revealed There should be more dark
How can you hate a song? talk about something that doesn't do anything wrong How can you hate a melody? it's like hating a person for being a person How can you hate a tune? do you hate dreamers? well, who the hell are you? How can you hate a song? When there are hundreds of places where there are hundreds of people wishing you would go cold with such an assault on your soul How can you hate a song? written by moonlight, forgotten by dawn How can you hate a melody? An ephemeral whisper, it's been good to your sister How can you hate a tune? Do you still hate dreamers? A lot of people do How can you hate a song? Can't you hear yourself speak? listen to what you're saying this is why you're alone it troubled me all the way home How can you hate a song?
she's a girl 03:34
isn't she wonderful and so hard to fight why am I surrendering wasn't I right? how can I win when I'm being sucked into her world aww, she's a girl I'm all alone tonight it's what I deserve too long in the wilderness getting on my own nerves one hour back and already my hair starts to curl aww, she's a girl does she love me do I really want her to love me or is it a pipe dream would I be better off if she'd leave then I'd be alone tongiht four walls and a phone orever remembering when she never came home I got what I wanted I'm haunted and hunted
the trolley 03:59
i woke up this morning thinking: 1) i hated life for kicking me 2) you gotta be sharp in the arc of electricity forgive a lazy melody been stuck inside my head all week i think i'm gonna write it down i think i'm gonna set it free on the trolley i heard some lady died right at the stop up here hey driver close your eyes did i mention an occasion near and dear to me gotta be the last time i saw the dark receding i'm gonna seal this envelope gonna lock the bedroom door i may or may not be on dope i got my eyes set on the floor of the trolley i heard some lady died right at the stop up here hey driver close your eyes


b list stuff


released January 13, 2013


all rights reserved



Chuck Zak Magnolia, New Jersey

a lifetime's work.

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