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bristol hits vol. 4

by Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys

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released August 25, 2012


all rights reserved



Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys Magnolia, New Jersey

neo-prog-merseybeat, or margaritaprog if you must.

a sessile dave dudley, essentially.


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Track Name: her word
There's one girl I'd like to be the queen of
this stuff is just between us
Inside a world I dream up
that's where you might've seen us

And I shouldn't feel any shame
but why would anything change?
I shouldn't feel absurd
after all she gave me her word

There's one girl I'd like to plummet into
where her twain was riven in two
forgive whatever I do
oh to be pardoned by you

And I shouldn't waste any time
she's got a number like mine
I should forget what I've heard
after all she gave me her word

Was it a word of warning
from a little bird
I heard "yes"
when she gave me her word

And I shouldn't feel any pain
as I dive under that train
the crushing weight shouldn't hurt
after all she gave me her word
Track Name: the ombudsman
I would like you to talk to somebody I know
I know him, he's a friend of mine
he's the ombudsman
Tell him who cried at your party and stole
the spotilght, it's the daily grind
for the ombudsman

Step up to the microphone
closer, his hearing's gone
oh why are you talking to me?
Speak disrespectfully
that's fine, just give everything
oh why are you still talking to me?
why are you talking to me?

I would like you to talk to somebody you know
you know him as a quiet guy
he's the ombudsman
Follow him 'round the back and expose
the whole dirty mess for the very first time
to the ombudsman

He's right behind you
you concern is his concern too
so why are you talking to me?
It's your turn, you've got his ear
he's pointing at you, my dear
so why are you still talking to me?
why are you talking to me?
Track Name: here's the story
you don't wanna know
take my word
there's a lot I could say
[here's the story]

We met through a friend
things were good
up until yesterday
[here's the story]

You might want to grab a cigarette
I need to talk to someone before I forget
Just be thankful
that you don't even know her
dude, I've barely started and now lunch is over

She don't give a damn
and man,
there's a lot on my plate
[here's the story]
there's the girl that I lost
big bills
and a job that I hate
[here's the story]

you might know this story
you've been through the wars
it might seem like you've heard this all before
just be thankful that she lives
two towns over
here's the part you won't believe
lean in closer

you might know this story
you've told it yourself
you've been on my side as you've plied someone else
just be thankful your head is not still spinning
dude, I've lost my place
can I start at the beginning?
Track Name: short square fingers
[lyrics mostly taken from part IV of Preludes by T. S. Eliot]

His soul stretched tight across the skies
That fade behind a city block,
Or trampled by insistent feet
At four and five and six o'clock;

[four lines of my own equally good poetry]

And short square fingers stuffing pipes,
And evening newspapers, and eyes
Assured of certain certainties,
The conscience of a blackened street
Impatient to assume the world.
Track Name: the genie
put the genie back in the bottle
as much as anyone can
any flicker of hope
any grain of sand

save your friends on the banks of the Delaware
save your friends on the Seine
save your friends on the Tigris and Adelaide

oh, look on the bright side
if they ever go
you might never know
oh, and if they do
do it right beneath my nose
so I don't ever know

so put the genie back in the bottle
before you make other plans
to return to the moon
or to dreamland

and save your friends on the brink of discovery
save your friends in the black
save your friends so the best of you
can bring the rest back
Track Name: the many moods of murray wilson
among the many moods of murray wilson
could there be
a little joy for his little boy
or is there only bitterness and jealousy

remember when he first played at the piano
you liked the sound you heard but you wouldn't say so
there's people in the world are gonna wish on his rainbow
later people i the know are gonna hand him his halo
but he don't care
he just wants someone to be there

among the many moods of murray wilson
should there be
a little pride welling up inside
to see him doing everything he ever dreamed

playing on the tv, ladies are screaming
shadowed by his cousin, all beady and scheming
always at the mercy of his emotion
lose it in a song about a girl in the ocean
under summer sun
but what happened to the fun, fun, fun?
Track Name: masquerading
at night when i go to bed
i worry 'cause i know you're getting strong instead
of laying where you fell
and staying dead

unfamiliar to the dreamer's eye
someone waiting
'round the corner in the dead of night

the trap that i set for you
was sprung and you where screaming from the other room
and brick by brick i sealed you in a tomb

now you found me
and i never know the form you'll take
you surround me
sometimes the apple
sometimes the snake

and you might be distorted'but impossible to hide
you're not bound to any general
our either side

i'm still sursprised
though i know you're there
when i close my eyes
Track Name: 5th season
after spring
after summer evenings
autumn is cold
winter is colder
the edge of the world
your soon going over
after spring

golden ring
around the limb of some yearling
cut from the cast
but weak in the knees and
too pink in the ass
for a sudden fifth season
after spring

I thought the point of the whole affair
if your bad luck takes you there
was to be deathly still
but unafraid to kill
another season always will follow
after spring

serpent sing
there's some ill I'm consid'ring
turning away
rebelling from reason
and touring the world
as the latest fifth season
after spring
Track Name: serendipity is the fifth beatle #2
I went to a party
to meet other people
we could agree where we stood on good and evil
pity's a martyr
and love is an eagle
and serendipity is the fifth beatle

sometimes your heart is a rat
and your dreams just seagulls
but serendipity is the fifth beatle

i had a friend
he used to play with needles
he'd spin for the brides as the night grew feeble
he said heaven's tonight
and hell's other people
and serendipity is the fifth beatle
Track Name: titled_wave
taking a wave from the ocean
and giving it a name
then letting it continue
along its way

you don't know how soon a heart can shatter
on the best of days
or how to let a wild thing slip away

deep water rising
do you know her name
what became of all our tomorrows?
what became of my wave

low budget, down to nothing
and nothing's all i got
nothing's not a lot
to build upon
a house of cards, it's all an illusion
all the best things are
but reality won't let it go that far

deep water rising
do you have no shame?
to forget she ever existed
to forget my wave