bristol hits vol. 2

by Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys

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intentional sophomore slump


released August 25, 2012


all rights reserved



Chuck Zak & the Oxford Boys Cherry Hill, New Jersey

neo-prog-merseybeat for the people.

music and lyrics by bristol, pennsylvania's currently-in-exile chuck zak, except where noted.

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Track Name: kid concern
wyalusing, on a sunday afternoon
hidden camera in a private room
call me
kid concern, kid adirondack
call me

down by the bank some token breezes in
escort the coffee as the camera freezes him
call me
555, 215
call me

an xmas cone, pot-bellied all through June
fins and ankles, speak a language from the moon
call me
broken shouldered, average fingered
call me
Track Name: release
baby jesus had us all in stitches
he did the water
he did the wine
he did his best with all those
weeping witches
but they cried, cried, cried
cried for a long time
and they cried all night

baby if you're gonna weep right thru my coat
choke and motorboat
it won't float
we'll never have
well maybe not 'never' have
hope, peace and release

baby jesus wasn't hung up or stuck up
or fucked up
he had a hammer
he had a pin
swung at the bugs in summer
that stuff was drawn to him and he cried...

baby are you're gonna keep hoein' that row
listen let it go
it's all coal
we'll never have...
Track Name: see how the orient dew
lyrics adapted very freely from Andrew Marvell's "on a drop of dew"

see how the orient dew
shed from the bosom of the morn
into the blowing roses
careless of its mansion new

for the clear region
round in its self incloses
and in its little globe's extent
frames as it can its native element

so the soul, that drop, that ray
of the clear eternal day

within the flow'r be seen
remembring still former height
remembring its blossom
it shun the leaves and b green

and, recollecting
light, in its pure and circling
on earth: but does, dissolving, run
into the glories of th' mighty sun

so the soul, that drop, that ray
of the clear eternal day
Track Name: quasar's revenge
I was dreaming when I wrote this
so if u prefer
I'll get up and turn the music off
and get to work
on a complicated rhyme
but it's easy to sing

so tonight my love
these eyes are opening

they told me to forget
about the satellites
and keep chipping at those rocks
till they resemble dice
with a tiny, servile smile
I turned back to my wheel

but tonight my love
those stars will fall for real
Track Name: remember albion
do you remember me? remember

those nights in avalon
at war with babylon
better get your armor on
remember albion

he just arrived in a humor
a stock puma
caught stalking sloppily
and he don't know what to do
but he remembers you

and those nights in avalon...

he thought he'd taste something local
a young hopeful
but unsocial apathy
put his plans in an awkward state
you're gonna be up late, on...
Track Name: the hippy
What did that hippy say
to make you so angry, anyway
it didn't sound so bad to me
you say we both need a little sleep
go back to counting sheep
a twist of lemon in our tea

and I know that back in New York City
where you cannot relax
you never turn your back
we wouldn't have to wonder
we wouldn't need to ask

I had an awful evening
got stuck and left stumbling
trailing blood back to the hole
that gives me shelter from the cold
putting pennies in a roll
to come and see you in the snow

and I know...
Track Name: young sumerians
She's the one he wants to know
so he waits outside
in the lunar glow

young sumerians alive
young sumerians alone
(young, so young)
bodies radiant with light
young sumerians in stone
(young, so young)

she's the daughter of the wind
she can't be tamed or brought to heel by him

young sumerians alone
young sumerians alive
(young, so young)
magic in the creature's bones
young sumerians are alright
(young, so young)
Track Name: eliot crib
(excerpted from preludes III by t.s. eliot)

You tossed a blanket from the bed,
You lay upon your back, and waited;
You dozed, and watched the night revealing

The thousand sordid images
Of which your soul was constituted;
They flickered against the ceiling.

And when all the world came back
And the light crept up between the shutters,
And you heard the sparrows in the gutters,
You had such a vision...
Track Name: woods of saxony
two brothers working on a plan
to uproot the population
consolodate the land
two brothers with a wild gene
in their family
sweet revenge in the woods of saxony

wealthy women leave their doors unlocked
'cause it's not like that here
and we're just going 'round the block
wealthy women trust their babies
with all the jewelery
party time in the woods of saxony

pulling strings that might work this time
but don't you know who you've been betrayed by?

two brothers working side by side
get the shock of a lifetime
when right before their eyes
two others that they raised from babies
to share their dreams
set fire to the woods of saxony

pulling strings...
Track Name: in spite of the fire
i hit the wall
i'm exactly as portrayed by
that fool you've seen around
no need to waste anymore of your day, 'cause

i'm too proud for suicide
who knows, i might be hypnotised
to remain
in spite of the fire

amusing olympians
who watch me fall and get up again
are you the voices i hear
in the night?

again, the morning
will come to guide the way, but
the shadows learn to hide
in vacant places
my hopes are baseless but

i'm too proud for suicide
although it might be by design
i'm alone
in spite of the fire

reliving some history
learning how to make that fire
do all the work for me
it's gotta eat, it's gotta breathe

i'm exactly as portrayed by
that fool you've seen around

you know, it might be by design